Naturally, we work in groups. It can be either a united working group, like a project or management group from the same company/department, or it can be an ”open” group, from different departments or organisations.

An ideal group consists of 6-8 participants. We focus on purpose and goal; in other words why we’re meeting and what we want to achieve. It’s about the participants’ individual goals, what each person wants to do regarding his or her career, how to improve leadership skills, how to improve as a specialist/co-worker or simply to improve his or her situation.

In a united group (from the same organisation), we also focus on the objective of the group itself, so performance, results, cooperation – or anything else – can be on the agenda from the beginning.

We meet in a number of full-day meetings over a period of 6-8 months, and we concentrate on the following issues:

Where have I (or we) been? Where am I (or we) heading to – what vision do I (or we) have? How do I (or we) fulfil that vision, and how do I (or we) know that it’s been fulfilled?

The work carried out in the groups is based on a coaching technique in which  all the participants are involved, and it works on the principle that all participants coach and support each other.

What I have had the joy to experience so far is the powerful development each participant feels in his or her own self-esteem, self-confidence and pleasure in working life. The end result is a group of highly motivated and productive employees, and better overall results for the organisation.

Using this method, participants take a comprehensive view of their own development, based on their strengths, and their own visions and objectives; and this view applies to both their professional and personal lives. We see how participants support each other in the group, while the group as a whole contributes towards each participant reaching his or her objectives.


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