Are you someone who wants to get more out of your working life? Someone who puts high demands on doing a meaningful job; a job where you can use your initiative to do what you want, one that gives you lots of challenges and development opportunities – a job where you can really make a difference?

If so, you’re a part of a strong, growing trend.


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Why coaching?

Are you an employer who realises that there is a lot of untapped potential within your co-workers, just waiting to be unleashed? Getting the most out of each other is a two-way street; as an employee as well as an employer, you have to do your utmost to give all you can.

So how can you achieve this? Professional coaching is one effective method for success.

This is what I’ve learned over nearly 40 years of leading assignments for many organisations: large and small, national and international. I have worked within management, sales, HR, operations, and logistics, mostly in different companies throughout the IKEA world. Over the past few years, I’ve been working with something I call “Individual Coaching in Groups”. It is now my pleasure to invite you to share my experience, as a coach certified with the ICF (International Coach Federation).