”Our group was particularly interesting one, because all came from different cultures. Apart from myself (a British-Canadian), there were people from the US, Belgium, Germany, Lithuania, India, and China. This was definitively the best program I’ve ever been on in my time at IKEA. With Lasse’s guidance and attention to detail; I learned a lot about myself – and perhaps stuff I didn’t think I wanted to know. Lasse really listens to what people have to say, asks the right questions at the right time, and shows brilliant insight and wisdom when offering advice”.

Mark Base. IKEA IT, P3 project

“Lasse is an excellent coach, and made a process that I was doubtful of and uncomfortable with an extremely positive experience. His talent for coaching made me realize that the role of a Coach is a special one; using a his skills in knowing when to speak and when to listen, drawing out the more inhibited personalities while guiding the extroverts towards better listening skills made the difference. Supporting us during our setbacks and celebrating our triumphs, he was always a wise, stable, and grounding mentor. And drawing on his deep experience, he offered us ways to get a more introspective view of ourselves with quantitative data that is not usually done by other SML coaches at IKEA. What a bonus!”

Danell McDowell,from Louisiana US, IKEA of Sweden Älmhult

”En strålande lyssnare som fokuserar på det positiva

En trygg och stabil klippa som fick oss alla att dela med sig av erfarenheter En underbar coach som lärde oss och som lärde av oss”

Fia Gustavsson, ansvarig för IKEA Online UK.

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